Nunchucks Workshop
3:00 PM15:00

Nunchucks Workshop

Bring the family over to Nyumba Community Center for a one of kind Nunchuks work shop. You and your family will be able to enjoy learning about:

  • The proper usage of Nunchuks

  • How and why to apply this in a recreational environment

  • How to develop movement fluency within the execution of tough tricks and spins

All of this together with the technique and expertise of the staff making this a fun yet challenging and fully educational program, through:

Among other content related fitness dynamics (working out with Nunchuks)

  • Nunchuck handling games

  • Nunchuk combat application

  • Safe point sparring with “chuks”

  • Among many other Nunchuk related active dynamics

You and your love will not have a time to blink during this two hour intensive event. Bring the family. friends and neighbors because experiences is not required yet you will leave feeling like pro.

  • The cost of the event is $50 per person

  • It includes:

    • A set of foam Nunchuks

    • Access to event photos

    • Special contest prizes

    • Event sweepstakes

  • ONLY $10

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Mbawa Instructor Course Auditions
to Jun 7

Mbawa Instructor Course Auditions

This is an event for individuals who have prior experience in Martial Arts and would like to embark on instructing. We are offering a 200 hour instructor course which you will learn:

  • Martial arts History & philosophy

  • Practical approach to Warm up fitness, stretching & cool down

  • Curricular ancient traditional shadow boxing routines and their combat applications

  • Effective class and time management strategies and approaches

  • Fundamental combat structures of the various combat systems taught in the academy

  • Approach to children, coaching and behavior management

  • Basic acrobatics techniques and stunt spotting

  • Tournament participation

  • Basic general human anatomy

  • Physiological importance of healthy nutrition, championing active lifestyles and breath awareness.

Together with these exciting features the course includes:

  • Legitimate organization certification

  • Academy uniform

  • Access to all weekly class programs

  • Discount in academy merchandise

  • Free access to special work shops

We reserve the right of admission to this program. Application is subject to approval upon submission of form and conclusions drawn from interview.

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FREE Inaugural open house workshop
11:00 AM11:00

FREE Inaugural open house workshop

Try us out! Bring your kids. From 4 to 9 yrs of age, we will be bringing the house down with awesome games, drills and martial arts dynamics for your love one/s to enjoy during the Nyumba Community Center Grand Opening in which you can enjoy great poetry, live music, merchants, healthy food and drinks among many other interesting things happening during the event.

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